Spektrum Hendra Gunawan

Indonesian company Ciputra Artpreuner will host two exhibitions in Jakarta as part of their art programme, 100 Years Hendra Gunawan - A Centenary Celebration. The programme commemorates Hendra’s 100th birth anniversary.

Entitled, Hendra Gunawan: Prisoner of Hope and Spektrum Hendra Gunawan, the exhibitions will open on Aug 5 at the Ciputra Museum and the Ciputra Gallery, respectively.

Spektrum  is said to highlight Hendra  Gunawan’s  importance  and  relevance  to  Indonesian contemporary  art  practices  today. Curated  by  Rifky  Effendy,  the exhibition is said to be a contemporary  response  to  Hendra  Gunawan  and  his  art. 

Featuring  works  by  70  Indonesian contemporary artists, Spektrum Hendra Gunawan is, “seen as a form  of  tribute,  honouring  the  art  of  Hendra  Gunawan  by  way  of  reading, contemplating  and  re-experiencing  the  many  aspects  found  in  his  artistic  praxis.”