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Special Art Sale

29 September 2017

Hardly anyone would remember the name Alan Kurdi or Sharbat Gula. Few today would know of Phan Thi Kim Phuc.

But photographs of these victims of genocide or war have been immortalised by photojournalists and influenced public opinion in a way that atrocities and mass killings have not.

Celebrating Malaysia

27 September 2017

Contemporary artist Ahmad Shukri Mohamed creates a body of works that celebrate the nation in an upcoming solo exhibition at The Edge Galerie.


Having practised art professionally for over two decades, Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, 48, is showcasing 23 artworks in his eighth solo exhibition entitled Made in Malaysia: Works by Ahmad Shukri Mohamed from 2010 to 2017.

Li Keran's Chinese ink masterpiece set to break record

15 September 2017

​The spectacular landscape painting, Magnificent Mountains with Gushy Cascades, by Li Keran is one of the highlights of Sotheby’s Fine Chinese Paintings Autumn Sale 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Oct 2.

By one of the most important 20th century modern Chinese artists and spanning almost six feet long, this rare hanging scroll carries the highest estimate in the history of Sotheby’s Fine Chinese Paintings auction. However, the price estimate is only available upon request by bidders.

Eternal Water by Wucius Wong

13 September 2017

Distinguished octogenarian artist Wucius Wong will stage his solo exhibition in nearly a decade at Sotheby’s S|2 gallery from Oct 18-30 in Hong Kong.

The gallery will showcase Eternal Water, a selling exhibition of over 30 works by the critically-acclaimed Hong Kong painter. 

He is recognised as a trail-blazing modernist of ink painting in Hong Kong, and is also revered for his masterful synthesis of traditional Chinese aesthetics with western culture and contemporary design. 

Contemporary Ink Art: Confluence

5 September 2017

Works by  Hans Hartung, Charles-Hossein Zenderoudi, Krishen Khanna & Isamu Noguchi


On Oct 2, Sotheby’s Hong Kong will auction ink paintings by notable modern masters such as Hans Hartung, Charles-Hossein Zenderoudi, Krishen Khanna and Isamu Noguchi, whose works are distinguished for their use of ink, brush, and/or calligraphic principle.

Entitled, Contemporary Ink Art: Confluence, the thematic sale of contemporary art brings together a dynamic range of works by artists trained in, or influenced by, the ink painting tradition.

“As-is” and I can or can’t inspect?

5 September 2017

Bill couldn’t believe his eyes. In looking at this week’s upcoming auctions near his home in Xenia, Ohio, he stared at this Sikorsky UH-19B Chickasaw which was scheduled to sell on Saturday to the highest bidder.

​Auction deemed a stunt?

14 August 2017

As we’ve often noted all over the United States, legally there are [only] two types of auctions: “With reserve” and “Without reserve” also known as “absolute.” We’ve also noted that perception is far more important than reality in the auction business.

Recently, an auction of the Lincoln Park Plaza (Michigan) apparently did not result in a completed sale. Adam Miller, Lincoln Park’s city management coordinator, called the auction a “stunt,” instead of referring to its legal name of “with reserve.” In his opinion auctions are either absolute or stunts? Maybe … but maybe not.

Integrity of the bidding process

1 August 2017

Our topic today specifically regards bankruptcy auctions, but applies equally and reasonably to any type of auction anywhere in the United States. What we’re discussing is the finality [integrity] of the bidding process — i.e. “Does “Sold!” mean “Sold!?”

Appraising Artworks

28 July 2017

Appraising Artworks

We are introducing our new Q&A series on art appraisal and insurance evaluation for art lovers who seek an alternative opinion on safeguarding the value of their artwork or collection.

To kick off the series, art insurance consultant Charles Liu(刘泉鋐) of Charles Art / Insurance based in Singapore, offers his insight on various definitions associated with art evaluation.


What is art valuation?

The sacred journey continues

24 July 2017

An exhibition of 88 works of Hindu temples from the private collection of medical lecturer Prof Dr K G Rampal and his wife, Kamla, is on view at the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur

Rampal: Being passionate is the attitude that has kept me doing this since 2004