War to Peace

05 Mar 2016

Vallete Gallery and Visioncy present “An Evening Talk with Coskun Aral: From War to Peace”, the story of a distinguished photographer.

In his talk, Coskun will reflect on his career and the challenges of being a photo-journalist at a time when the Internet and digital media did not exist.

The talk will be officiated by Turkish Ambassador Basak Turkoglu.

Yunizar’s Eden

18 Jan 2016

“The Garden in Eden” solo exhibition by Indonesian contemporary artist Yunizar is  held in conjunction with Singapore Art Week and Art Stage Singapore 2016.

The restrospective show will include the artist’s latest creations in bronze produced by Yogya Art Lab (YAL), alongside a selection of his seminal works from past years.

Virtual works by unconventional artists

22 Dec 2015

Visitors to Singapore will have the opportunity to view the latest virtual “art” gallery — Martell AiR Gallery (MAG) — created by cognac house Martell.

To celebrate its 300th anniversary in Singapore and the nation’s 50 Golden Jubilee, Martell has developed  a mobile application accessible through “Martell AiR Gallery” for visitors to the Marina Bay area who has a smartphone.

Martell AiR Gallery’s current exhibition, Zoe – The Art of the Alchemist, offers 15 new works by 15 local artists.

Coffee & Conversations with Shinro Ohtake

10 Oct 2015

Join Shinro Ohtake and chief print maker Etiro Ogawa for a casual afternoon as the artist guide us through his multimedia practice.

Shinro’s work include drawing, painting, sculpture and photography, as well as large-scale assemblage and experimental music and videography.

In Mondrian’s Studio

14 Oct 2015

A captivating film that retraces the intellectual and human process that led Dutch painter Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) to geometric abstraction, the highly characteristic style that made him one of the major figures of the international  avant-garde art movement.

Mondrian invented an original, universal language of geometric shapes and primary colours in the early 1920’s.

Filmed in an exact replica of his studio in Paris, this docu-fiction brings Mondrian back to life.

First Wave in Klang

20 Sep 2015


Art collector-turned-dealer Lum Peng Cheong will open a 7,000sq ft gallery in Klang to offer collectors a wide choice of Malaysian art.

Calling his gallery, The Art People Gallery or TAPG, Lum offers works by both established and emerging artists.

Entitled, First Wave, the inaugural exhibition showcases a range of modern, contemporary and abstract works by over 70 local artists.


Lum aims to make his gallery the leading modern and contemporary art space, by connecting local artists, collectors and art enthusiasts.

Tour with Valentine Willie at Ilham

22 Aug 2015

Valentine Willie, curator of Picturing the Nation at Ilham Gallery, will provide a tour of the exhibition. He will highlight key works and provide the inside story of how the exhibition came together.

The tour starts at 3pm and will guide visitors through the two gallery floors located at Level 3 and 5 of Ilham Tower.

Ilham Gallery also offer interactive tours for school visits by appointment and free scheduled tours with gallery staff every Saturday at 3 pm.

Leading artists unite for ArtAid15

21 Aug 2015 to 31 Aug 2015

An exciting mix of leading artists from Malaysia and Indonesia have joined hands to raise funds in aid of the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) for the benefit of People Living with HIV.

This group charity exhibition – ArtAid15 – is speaheaded by artist Ahmad Zakii Anwar and will be held at the Segaris Art Center at the Publika Mall in Kuala Lumpur from Aug 21-31.

Weaving the world in watercolour

09 Jul 2015 to 24 Jul 2015

What has a famous diamond ring, IMDB and watercolours got in common?

Well, these symbolic elements and other cryptic “scratchings” are featured in watercolourist Chang Fee Ming’s latest body of works to be shown at  Christie’s Hong Kong gallery space in a selling exhibition from June 17 to July 24.

Chang will showcase over 70 artworks in Hong Kong with some of the strongest works of his career to be exhibited in a major show entitled “Weaving the World in Watercolour”.

Roundtable discussion on Ismail Hashim’s legacy

01 Feb 2015


“Ismail Hashim: Essays, Interviews & Archives” is a multi-faceted four-part, posthumous retrospective exhibition tracing the legacy of the late photographer and includes a roundtable discussion.

Part I includes four essays that “contextualize” Ismail’s early formative years. These essays highlight the people involved and the “art historical” developments that shaped his works. The writings also aim to analyse the formal, aesthetic and thematic thrusts.