Kamin Lertchaiprasert's Moment

04 Mar 2017 to 05 May 2017

If there is no "present moment", "the past and future" will not be clarified, states leading Thai artist Kamin Lertchaiprasert in his exhibition, The Timeless Present Moment (Selected Works).

In order to understand “what the state of before birth and after death is like?” or “what is past and future?”, Kamin has considered the concept of the “present moment” as the truth connecting the state of "before" and "after" together.

2nd Wave in Klang

25 Feb 2017 to 31 Mar 2017

The 2nd Wave exhibition at TAPG features over 160 artworks by 80 emerging and established artists. The show will be launched on Feb 25 at 3pm by director general, National Visual Arts Development Board, Prof. Dato Dr. Mohamed Najib bin Ahmad Dawa,

The gallery staged its 1st Wave art exhibition in 2015 followed by four other shows in 2016, entitled, 4our Statement, Enthrall, Alegore and Suzlee Ibrahim's 30th Solo.



Asia Contemporary Art Show

17 Mar 2017 to 20 Mar 2017

A world of art comes to Hong Kong in March, see thousands of artworks from Asia and the world at the 10th edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show.

40 Years of Wong Hoy Cheong's Art

17 Feb 2017 to 17 Mar 2017

After a hiatus of several years, artist-turned-social activist Wong Hoy Cheong has finally consented to stage his latest solo exhibition, On Unlearning And Relearning, which opens on Feb 16 from 7pm-9pm. 

In collaboration with OUR ArtProjects directors Liza Ho and Snow Ng, Wong will showcase four decades of his works on paper.

Haffendi Anuar at Volta NY Art Fair

01 Mar 2017 to 15 Mar 2017
 Upcoming artist Haffendi Anuar's latest works will shown at the Volta NY art fair.
Presented as a solo show entitled Migratory Objects, the works consist of a number of painted panels and wooden sculptures. 
The works are inspired by masks from Borneo used by tribal groups as ceremonial items or to fend off evil spirits .

Locals Only

08 Feb 2017 to 25 Feb 2017

Eighteen local artists are featured in this group exhibition entitled, Locals Only.

The participating artists are Afiq Fariz, Agnes Lau, Ajim Juxta, Faizal Suhif, Fendy Zakri, Ho Mei Kei, Kim Ng, Mohsin Aminuddin, Syahmi Jamaluddin, Trixie Tan Lu Man, Chok Ming Hoong, Azizi Latif, Najib Bamadhaj, Noor Mahnun Mohamed,  Amy Nazira, Fazrin Mustafa, Seah Zelin and Cinta Ayuandrea.

Works depicted in oil and acrylic paint, paper, photographic print, zinc, ceramic and mixed media.

Artwork ranges in size from 61 cm by 91 cm to 91 cm by 183 cm.

Khoo Sui Hoe at PAM

25 Feb 2017 to 25 Mar 2017

Latest solo exhibition by Khoo Sui Hoe, entitled An Installed Exhibition of Recent Paintings (2000-2016).

The show will be launched on Feb 25 at 3pm followed with a talk by the artist as well as a symposium on Art & Architecture.

Click here for more pictures.

Bloodlines - Poetry, Memory & The Family Album

18 Feb 2017

What is the nature of a family memory? What do family histories conceal and how are family myths constructed?


How is literature crafted from an unraveling of these? In this Ilham Conversation programme series entitled, Bloodlines - Poetry, Memory & The Family Album,  writer Eddin Khoo shares photographs from his family album and explain the methods of use and will discuss the curious nature of memory and autobiography.


Imaginary Freedom Fighter

18 Feb 2017 to 17 Apr 2017


Indonesian artist Pius Sigit Kuncoro will unveil his solo exhibition at Ilham Gallery based on the fictitious characater JP Soetardjo which is also known as Mbah Tardjo, 


Entitled, JP Soetardjo Menjawab Semua Soalan ( or in EnglishJP Soetardjo Answers All Questions) the exhibition was first shown at the Jogja Contemporary art fair in Yogyakarta in 2015. This unusual exhibition blends art and storytelling, history and fiction and brings to life the character of Mbah Tardjo.


Amanda Heng's Walkthrough: Collaboration & Participation

18 Feb 2017

On Feb 18, Amanda Heng will unveil a number of narratives in a one-off casual exchange between her collaborators as they reflect on the process behind the project, “’We Are the World – These Are Our stories’ (2016).


Unlike previous performances and audience participation, this latest work sought an active investment in the creative journey from the negotiations to output.