S.E.A. Focus

23 Jan 2019 to 27 Jan 2019

S.E.A. Focus is an upcoming international art fair that will be held in Singapore this coming January 2019. The fair - initiated by STPI - Creative Workshop & Gallery is said to be a "platform to foster deeper appreciation and increase demand for Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art through dynamic collaboration between international and local galleries."

The inaugural edition of the fair will take the form of a boutique art fair and will be held in a special pop-up structure at the Gillman Barracks visual arts cluster.

International Watercolour Biennale, Malaysia

20 Dec 2018 to 23 Dec 2018

The inaugural Malaysia International Watercolour Society Biennale boasts a total of 660 works from artists in 66 countries.

The event will also see four leading watercolourists honoured with Lifetime Achievement Awards by the International Watercolour Society (IWS). Namely, IWS founder and president Atanur Dogan (Canada), Fabriano InAcquarello watercolour festival curator Anna Massinissa (Italy), and from Malaysia, founder and former principal of Kuala Lumpur College of Art, Cheah Yew Saik and Tham Siew Inn.

Still Life. Still Alive.

18 Dec 2018 to 06 Jan 2019

Still Life. Still Alive is a group exhibiton featuring 19 upcoming Malaysian artists. They are Ahmad Amsyar, Aliff Iqmal, Amir Amin, Azrul Azrai Mohyi, Ezwa Hasin, Fadhli Ariffin, Fatah Taib, Kamal Sazali, Khairul Ehsani Sapari, Megat Zharif, Nazrul Hamzah, Nizar Sulaiman, Putra Nazri, Rais Azmie, Sarah Leong, Shaufie Yatim, Sophia Kamal, Zalwana Jamaludin and Zulkefli Jais.

The works in the exhibiton is said to focus on the genre of still life painting. The exhibition is said to invite audiences to celebrate the mundanity of still life objects.

Portrait show

07 Dec 2018 to 22 Dec 2018

Face Value is a group exhibiton featuring eleven artists. They are Aely Manaf, Chayanin Kwangkaew, Chong Ai Lei, Fadilah Karim, Gan Tee Sheng, Haslin Ismail, Khairudin Zainudin, Preecha Racksorn, Siund Tan, Wal Chirachaisakul and Wong Ming Hao.

The exhibition is said to place emphasis on portraits, whilst revealing the artists' desired subject matter through painted faces.

The works range in size from 76cm by 61cm to 180cm by 130cm and are priced from RM4,500 to RM22,000

The opening reception is on Dec 7 at 8pm.

Material aesthetics

02 Dec 2018 to 27 Jan 2019

Frictional is a two-man exhibition featuring Malaysian artist Zulkifli Lee and Singaporean artist Ben Loong.

Touted as a display of the unconventional processing of material infrastructure, the artists' works span a variety of mediums such as soil, limestone, plaster, resin and gold leaf.

Presence in absence

30 Nov 2018 to 15 Dec 2018

Obscene Presence of Absence is a group exhibiton featuring Filipino artists, Jason Montinola, Kaloy Sanchez, Lec Cruz, and Luis Santos.

Contrasting the usual art practice of using bodies to build narratives, the works in this exhibition are said to explore human nature through the use of abandones and desolate spaces.

The works range in size from 33cm by 24cm and 122cm by 152.5cm and are priced from RM3,500 to RM34,000.

Being human(?)

01 Dec 2018 to 16 Dec 2018

Malaysian artist Jane Stephanny’s latest solo exhibition is titled Mom, that cat looks weird!

Stephanny’s works have been said to often depict the quirks and peculiarities of the human condition; depicting a satirical observation of “humans in their natural environment going about doing the things that make them human.”

The works range in size from 41cm by 31cm to 99cm by 199.5cm and are priced from RM3,000 to RM15,000.

The Last State

01 Dec 2018 to 20 Dec 2018

The Last State is Vietnamese artist Trong Gia Nguyen’s first solo exhibition in Bangkok.

The exhibition will feature a single installation titled Neo-Theo, which was originally exhibited on Governor’s Island, New York as part of the exhibition The Sixth Borough (2012).

The NBD Series

28 Nov 2018 to 06 Dec 2018

The NBD (Nature, Buildings and Daleks) Series is the latest solo exhibition by Yusof Majid. The exhibition showcases 14 works that depict local political and satirical themes. The works, done in acrylic and charcoal on paper, are priced from RM12,000 to RM42,000.

The show opens on Nov 28 at 8pm.

Disparate Bodies

01 Dec 2018 to 06 Jan 2019

Disparate Bodies is a group exhibition featuring international artists Agus Suwage, Mella Jaarsma, J. Ariadhitya Pramuhedra, BenCab, Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan and Pinaree Sanpitak.

The exhibition is said to present works in varying media that center around explorations and conceptions of the body. They touch upon topics such as “[the body]’s relation to being human, ideas of reassessing the self and identity, and implications arising from displacement and dispersed presence.”