Exploring Malaysian Sculptures

20 May 2017
In conjunction with the current exhibition entitled, GoodEarth: Expressions of Creative Energy, the gallery will stage a conference with the theme, "Exploring Malaysian Sculptures: A Symbiosis between Nature, Art and Science."


17 May 2017 to 17 Jun 2017

Gajah Gallery Yogjakarta will engage its Singaporean and Indonesian artists in a group exhibition featuring visual art and performance art focusing on nature.

Human Nature by Aely Manaf

20 May 2017 to 17 Jun 2017

Aely Manaf, who is based in Shah Alam, will hold his first solo exhibition at the HOM Art Trans gallery in Ampang.

The 42-year-old artist will exhibit 26 works on canvas including oil and mixed media.

Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth

06 May 2017 to 27 Aug 2017

The latest edition of SAM features annual family-focused exhibition, through immersive and interactive artworks by Asian contemporary artists, explore on how we adapt to our ever-changing environments, and revel in stories of real and imagined lands.

Participating artist are Bounpaul Phothyzan, Hiromi Tango, Nipan Oranniwesna, Nandita Mukand, Eko Nugroho, Mary Bernadette Lee, Unchalee Anantawat, Uudam Tran Nguyen and Calvin Pang.

There will be short films played throughout the exhibition:

- An Object at Rest

- Pale Blue Dot

Bibi Chew's "What if…….."

17 May 2017 to 17 Jul 2017

Bibi Chew in collaboration with "Barehands: Vol. 1. Asian Artists Residency Project" moved by ideas of cultural identity, Bibi Chew takes on challenging issues of race, environment and gender, creating commentary through familiar objects. She has used and transformed leaf-wrapped bundles, eggs, glass bottles, sand, wooden boards, butterfly catchers and coffee strainers into metaphors for marginalisation, destruction and containment. She has carved stitched and layered pieces into a united form. Her work speaks of a delicately controlled self with underlying hidden meanings.

Rafiee Ghani's "Adventure in Wonderland"

17 May 2017 to 30 Jun 2017

Rafiee Ghani has been consistent in his approach to art and has established a name for himself on both the local and international art scenes. In Rafiee’s artistic approach, travel is one of the most significant sources of inspiration. In this context, travelling is not merely a catalyst for painting but also encompasses the process of observing, sketching, recording and soul-searching.

Alfi | Jai | Zakii

13 May 2017 to 12 Jun 2017

A group exhibition by Indonesian artist Jumaldi Alfi alongside Malaysian contemporary artists Jalaini Abu Hassan and Ahmad Zakii Anwar entitled Alfi | Jai | Zakii features 23 paintings.

Prices range from RM8,000 to RM18,000 and artwork dimensions ranging between 40cm by 30cm and 30cm by 72cm.

Opening is on May 12 at 8pm.

A Solo Show: LINES by Anees Maani

12 May 2017 to 04 Jun 2017

Third solo exhibition by Jordanian-based artist Anees Maani, entitled LINES, comprises 13 sculptures, 10 wood-works and 8 aluminium.

Prices range from RM3,000 to RM30,000 and works dimension ranging from 28cm by 21cm by 8cm to 195cm by 69cm by 20cm.

LINES is an evolution of basic formations created by the early hands of man and a conceptualisation of industrialisation as well as progression of mankind.

Personal Stuctures

13 May 2017 to 12 Jun 2017

Presented by the GAA Foundation, Haffendi Anuar will be showcasing his body of works entitled Personal Structures during Venice Art Biennale 2017.

"Black Zephyr" by Arif Fauzan

13 May 2017 to 27 May 2017

"Black Zephyr" is the third solo exhibition by contemporary figurative painter Arif Fauzan, and his first with G13 gallery, showcasing 15 new paintings.

The artworks display Arif’s observation from his surroundings. The artist offers his take on the topic of worldly politics, environmental issues and its relationship with human beings. The artworks are priced between RM2000 to RM18, 500.