Questioning the idea of homeland

29 Jun 2018 to 21 Jul 2018

Imagined HOME(LAND) is Malaysian artist Phuan Thai Meng’s latest exhibition.

The works comprise paintings, photography, and drawings that resemble maps.. 

They are said to explore new possibilities to rethink ideas about nationality, ethnicity, and social structures beyond the boundaries that we take for granted.

The gallery’s press release says that, “Boundaries exist everywhere in our daily life, demarcating our understanding of nationality, ethnicity, and ways of life.” 

Polluted earth

26 Jun 2018 to 14 Jul 2018

Malaysian artist Faizal Yunus’ latest exhibition is entitled, Vortex. 

The exhibition features 19 floor and wall-mounted canvas works. 

They are said to be a visual documentation of the artist’s response to pollution and global warming that result in "shifting landscapes".

The use of polyurethane and construction material such as nets, is said to symbolise the main pollutant.

Dancing with Shadows

09 Aug 2018 to 02 Sep 2018

Malaysian artist Chin Kong Yee’s latest exhibition is entitled, Dancing with Shadows.

On his first visit to Venice, Chin felt lost and lonely in the foreign land especially at night.  Upon his third visit, he found himself sitting in Piazza San Marco, and it brought back memories of 12 years ago. It appeared that the city seemed to have been frozen in time with the music, the moon above and the familiar scene all remained unchanged from a decade earlier. 

Lean triptychs

11 Jul 2018 to 05 Aug 2018

Malaysian artist Sean Lean’s latest exhibition is entitled, 3.

The exhibition features a series of triptychs. Each series of panels is said to be a commentary on issues ranging from the political, social, and religious to the personal and intimate.

In his new works, Lean differs from the standard composition of triptychs by varying the size, style and treatment of the individual panels. 

Reach for the sky

05 Jul 2018 to 04 Aug 2018

Malaysian artist Chan Kok Hooi’s latest exhibition is entitled, Here I could even pluck the stars by hand.

A press release from the gallery raises questions about low-cost flats, middling apartment blocks and luxury condominium developments that are now an “ubiquitous part of our Malaysian cityscapes”. 

The artist poses questions such as, who are the inhabitants and what secrets do they conceal? Why do they choose to make their homes so close to the stars? What kind of aspirations does verticality afford or deny?

Flying in the Fragmentary

23 Jun 2018 to 22 Jul 2018

Myanmar artist Nge Lay’s latest exhibition in Singapore is entitled, Flying in the Fragmentary.

The exhibition features a large-scale installation that is said to “transform the gallery into an immersive, life-sized replica of a classroom in the remote village of Thuye’dan in Myanmar.”

The gallery’s press release states that the exhibition “is a culmination of the artist’s ongoing investigation on Myanmar’s state of education; spurred by the birth of her first child four years ago.”

The exhibition opens on June 23 at 4pm.

Lost Motherland

07 Jun 2018 to 30 Jun 2018

Lost Motherland is the title of Thai photographer Ampannee Satoh’s latest exhibition in KL. 

Through her works, Patani-born Satoh is said to raise questions about the concept of homeland, diaspora and the daily lives of migrants.

The gallery’s press release states, “She produces images that draw from her own experiences navigating the particular configurations of neo-liberalism and ultra-nationalism in Patani.”

Oddly Quirky

09 Jun 2018 to 24 Jun 2018

Oddly Quirky is a group exhibition featuring four emerging local artists; Alicia Lau, Low Kuan, Ming Hoong and Viko.

The exhibition is said to focus on the individual style of the artists.  

What draw the works together is the common trait of quirkiness in the compositions.

The works range in size from 13cm by 19cm to 79cm by 239cm and are priced from RM800 to RM6,000.

The show opens on June 9 at 7pm.

Silence Speaks

05 Jun 2018 to 23 Jun 2018

Silence Speaks is the exhibition title of Thai artist Chayanin Kwangkaew’s solo show.

The works are said to be inspired by his contemplation on the connection between man and inanimate objects.

The 12 oil on canvas works range in size from 33cm by 51cm to 200cm by 135cm and are priced from RM2,600 to RM22,000

Cave of the Heart

20 May 2018 to 13 Jun 2018

Cave of the Heart is the title of Indian photographer A. Prathap’s latest exhibition in KL.

The 16 prints feature Malaysian dance guru Datuk Ramli Ibrahim photographed at the majestic Ellora Caves in India. 

The exhibition catalogue states, “The [works] focus on the monumentality of the architecture and the sculptures with legendary dancer Ramli Ibrahim drawing our attention to the human inspiration [that is] immortalised in stone.”