A woman's charm


24 Oct 2018 to 05 Nov 2018


11am - 6pm, Mon-Sat, Sun by appointment


Nadine Fine Art, 64 Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 12, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


[email protected] or +603 7954 6069

Wanita dan Warisan is Indonesian artist Nugroho Wijayatmo's first solo exhibition in Malaysia.

It is said that Nugroho's portraits of women, are a celebration of their beauty and are almost always seductive in nature.

Detail is concentrated in the eyes and lips - this is said to be key in capturing the passive, yearning expressions of the subject.

The exhibition features 17 oil canvas works which measure from 150cm by 120cm to 170cm by 140cm.

Each of the portraits feature the subject's eyes glancing at the viewer, supposedly telling a story of their own.

A transparent layer of Wayang Kulit and Batik motifs are painted over the subject's faces, touted as bringing a "further poignant beauty" to the work.

The opening reception is on Oct 20 at 11.30am.