Weaving the world in watercolour


09 Jul 2015 to 24 Jul 2015



What has a famous diamond ring, IMDB and watercolours got in common?

Well, these symbolic elements and other cryptic “scratchings” are featured in watercolourist Chang Fee Ming’s latest body of works to be shown at  Christie’s Hong Kong gallery space in a selling exhibition from June 17 to July 24.

Chang will showcase over 70 artworks in Hong Kong with some of the strongest works of his career to be exhibited in a major show entitled “Weaving the World in Watercolour”.

As an art form, watercolour paintings of idyllic scenes have long been considered a poor cousin to oil and even acrylic on canvas works especially those that dwell on social commentary.

But Chang has come up with some of the boldest works with direct and indirect references to the political issues of the Malaysian “landscape” albeit barely hidden in the background and foreground of his latest works.

The price tag for some of the watercolour paintings are said to be about RM200,000 each.

Further details have yet to be confirmed by Christie’s Hong Kong.