Watercoloured Views of Singapore


01 Apr 2017


4pm–6pm (Sat)


 Maya Gallery, Oxley Bizhub 2 #01-21, 62 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408734, Singapore


+65 6291 1760 

Khazanah, in Malay and Urdu means "treasure" and in local folklore, the concept of treasure refers to a "concentration of riches, perceived as valuable in tangible calculations and intangible measurements," as well as hidden or discovered fortune which never fails to excite people to draw their own journey of discovery.

Khazanah, a solo exhibition of 37 paintings by watercolourist Idris Mohamed Ali, exudes that excitement as we embark on this artist’s 55-year artistic journey, which has witnessed many challenges.

“Challenges train us to be more patient so we can continue to create and never give up. As long as you have passion, that is important in the arts,” says Idris.
Khazanah relates to the artistic  journey of Idris’s recent paintings. 
“Completing a piece of art brings me so much joy. I consider my artwork to be complete when my instinctive feelings and thoughts say so. If my heart whispers otherwise, I will continue to work on the painting,” points out Idris.
His paintings explore the evolving nature of modernisation and its impact on the erosion of heritage.
The works serve as a visual documentation of the country’s heritage, rapidly disappearing, through his painting of street scenes, portraits, still life and landscapes of old Singapore. 
“I will continue to create works until the end of my life; It is always my dream to see my artworks included in the exhibitions or collections of the National Art Gallery or Singapore Art Museum. I have not yet seen watercolour works by a local Singapore artist in the National Art Gallery. I will be very proud if my works are exhibited there,” adds Idris.