Truncated Cameo


10 Nov 2018 to 25 Nov 2018


11am - 7pm, Wed-Sun, Closed on Tues and Public Holidays


[email protected] or +603-7955 7111

Trucated Cameo is a solo exhibition by Malaysian artist Tune Zikri.

The works are said to examine the taboos of relationships by laying bare the struggles one needs to grapple with. Specifically struggles concerning identity, morality, behaviour and social acceptability.

Tune is said to be intrigued when discerning the point when love becomes hate.

Tune poses the following questions:

Where does one draw the line between strict moral behaviour and frenzied freedom?

What makes people drawn to or distance themselves from others?

Do people carry different personas throughout the day?

Issues such as this may hit observers in more ways than one or it may not mean anything at all to the liberalist but it is an issue beckoned to exist because of the varied opinions of people.

The works range in size from 122cm by 152cm to 183.5cm by 274.5cm and are priced from RM8,000 to RM20,000.

The opening reception is on Nov 10 at 8pm.