New Perspectives


05 Jul 2014


11am - 8pm daily


Wei-Ling Gallery @ Victory Annexe 
Ground Floor, Unit No. 1, 
Victory Annexe, 
10, Lebuh Farquhar
10200 Penang.



Just launched, Wei-Ling Gallery’s new space at the E&O Hotel, Penang marks the gallery’s third space in Malaysia. The gallery’s other spaces, Wei-Ling Gallery (2002) and Wei-Ling Contemporary (2011) are located in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur and The Gardens Mall respectively.


Initially set up to showcase the works of Malaysian contemporary artists, the focus of the gallery is to promote the best of contemporary Malaysian art and to support and nurture the careers of the country’s most promising artists.


The space opens with a group exhibition titled New Perspectives,  featuring, amongst others, the works of Choy Chun Wei, Kim Ng, Hamidi Abdul Hadi, Chen Wei Meng, Richard Duckett, Yau Bee Ling and Umibaizurah Mahir.