Landscaping my Brain


04 Aug 2018 to 30 Aug 2018


Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm; Closed on Sun and public holidays


Cans Gallery


Jl Tanah Abang II, 25 Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia


+62 21 3451898 or

Landscaping my Brain is a solo exhibition by Indonesian artist Entang Wiharso.

The exhibition focuses on Wiharso’s exploration of his own psyche, place as well as belonging and how people adapt to change.

The exhibition comprises a selection of works from various points in Wiharso’s career. Periods of upheaval in Indonesia, his arrival in the United States and his experiences as a foreigner, to events shaped by his marriage and children, and his efforts to create an identity that reflects his sense of belonging and alienation. 

The exhibition’s title comes from a painting of the same name, that was exhibited in the US in 1999. The work is said to reflect Wiharso’s interest in social and political structures that manifest ideology as well as his exploration of how people conform or resist such systems.

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