Kamin Lertchaiprasert's Moment


04 Mar 2017 to 05 May 2017


11am - 6pm, Mon-Sat 


Numthong Gallery 72/3 Aree 5 (North) Phahonyothin 7, Phahonyothin Road, Phyathai, Bangkok 10400


+662 6172794

If there is no "present moment", "the past and future" will not be clarified, states leading Thai artist Kamin Lertchaiprasert in his exhibition, The Timeless Present Moment (Selected Works).

In order to understand “what the state of before birth and after death is like?” or “what is past and future?”, Kamin has considered the concept of the “present moment” as the truth connecting the state of "before" and "after" together.

The goal of his art is to find the meaning and value of living through artworks and culture including drawing, sculpting, meditating, reading, contemplating and recording.

This trend of thought includes the act of moulding a tea cup, riding a bicycle as well as interacting with others, and observing one's own mind and thought until the artist found that everything happens in the “present moment” since the present is the future of the past and is the past of the future. 

The present exists, prevails and perishes so fast that we can feel the existence and cessation at the same time as the state of “timeless”.

This set of artwork reflects Kamin's concept of the value and purpose of life and Buddhism, which is to stay in the present moment and to conduct every action with a mind filled with compassion. It is a goal without a goal, timeless, without borders between the giver (Subjective) and the receiver (Objective). Whether we are helping others on land or in the water, which might look different physically, there is no difference at all spiritually. This is because compassion is both the cause and the effect, the goal and the method in itself. And it is compassion that is the timeless present moment.

The Timeless Present Moment exhibition by Kamin was first held at the MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum in Chiang Mai recently. 

In his latest exhibition, Kamin will present paintings that have never been exhibited before. And has also selected sculptures such as No Past, No Present, No Future and the wax sculpture of Ting Chu (Living Kindness).