The further you stand, the clearer you see


17 Oct 2018 to 21 Nov 2018


Tues-Sun, 11am-7pm; Closed on Sunday


Wei-Ling Contemporary

RT01 Sixth Floor, The Gardens Mall, 59200, Kuala Lumpur


[email protected] or +603 22828323

The further you stand, the clearer you see is Malaysian artist Yim Yen Sum’s first solo exhibition in her home country.

The exhibition is said to shed light on the notion of memories linked to architecture.

Yim is said to be “intrigued by historical buildings across Malaysia – at the same time distressed by their rapid disappearance.”

Thus leading her to “create embroidery patchworks that mix and match portions of different structures, as if recycling them into new edifices.”

On the gallery’s website, it is stated that Yim believes “fabric is the first material that we became familiar with as human beings, that serves as a second skin. It is a form of protection and a metaphor of care.”