Do not go...


08 Aug 2018 to 01 Sep 2018


Tue-Sat, Noon-7pm; Closed on Sun, Mon and public holidays


A+ Works of Art

d-6-G-8, d6 Trade Centre, 801 Jalan Sentul, 53300 Kuala Lumpur


018-333 3399 or [email protected]

Do Not Go Into The Mist Do Not Go Back To The Dark Do Not Stand Still is a solo exhibition by Malaysian artist Chong Kim Chiew.

The exhibition features Chong’s most recent body of work that occupies the entire gallery. The works include sculptures, photography and video installations.
According to the gallery’s press release, the term "Southeast Asia" can sometimes be confusing. It adds that the region encompasses diverse countries, cultures and communities. And often the term only offers an idea of “Southeast Asia” rather than "what it actually is".

“Malaysian art is [often] susceptible to the stereotypes of Southeast Asian art — evocations of batik, images of daily rural life, or cityscapes of bustling streets in the capital city.”

Chong is said to question the validity and authenticity of internationally-curated regional shows, and also the role of an international curator within such projects. It is said that Chong explores what it means to be Malaysian through the lens of an outsider.

In doing so, Chong is said to have conjured six “personas”, namely, Doppelgänger Labour, Alon Vedasto Cruz, Kim, Emran Aziz, Liam Smith, Paithoon Kuedbut and Zaskia Roesli.

Supposedly, the personas represent different aspects of Chong. 

The press release touts the exhibition and its works as part of a larger dialogue anchored in questions such as: 

“How can the perception of an outsider help to inform our own perception of who we are?”

“Does making (an) artwork about Malaysia as a Malaysian determine our identity?” 

“Would it be valid or acceptable for someone foreign to create art that informs us of our own culture?”

The exhibition continues till Sept 1.