Contemporary Indonesian Sculpture


28 Mar 2017 to 22 Apr 2017


Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 6pm


Ark Galerie, Suryodiningratan 36A, , Yogyakarta 55141, Indonesia 


+62274 388 162

Based in Yogjakarta, Indonesian artist Zulfian Amrullah studied landscape architecture and his sculptural art form is greatly influenced by his academic background with particular emphasis on space, structure and material.


The six works presented in his solo show at Ark Galerie, The Unknown of The Familiar, explore the idea of limitations of material.


Zul, as he is popularly known, works with stainless steel plates and acrylic ­– usually cut to standard factory size and processed for immediate use. He turns them into sculptures.


In his process of “sculpting”, Zul no longer carves nor builds on the concept of composing various types of materials but plays with the idea of ​​the field.


Plates are cut, shaped, bent and folded so they become a construction. From one type of material within a limited field, Zul aims to create a new visual imagery that  is linked to structure and spatial design. 


The Unknown of The Familiar is also a reflection of the tension within social relations. Zul's artistic forms aim to show two perspectives, "side-by-side or contradictory" as well as "between harmony and opposition". The title of the exhibition, therefore, refers to the situation between what feels familiar yet is unattainable or distant but close> And what we know but don’t understand.



Zul graduated from the Department of Architecture at Gadjah Mada University in 2006. Since 2013, he has participated in residency programmes, visual art exhibitions and performance art events, including Earth Manual Project Exhibition 2013 at the Design and Creative Center Kobe, Japan, in 2013 and Planet Kesebelas, Teater Amarta at the Kedai Kebun Forum in Yogyakarta in 2014.


Zul was one of the artists who participated in Ark Galerie’s open studio programme in 2016 with his work Kill Your Darlings.