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19 Jan 2019 to 27 Jan 2019



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The Art Week Conversations is a series of three talks that are targeted at new and existing audiences. The talks will look at private collections and collectors from Vietnam and Singapore. A text on the website states that the talks will "investigate the much-liked art scene in Vietnam, one of the earliest to hit the contemporary and modern art markets in the 1990s; cut to the chase on buying good art at starting prices in Singapore; and pan in on how private collections are shaping up in Southeast Asia."


The list of talks are as follows:

Singapore: Collecting Under $5K
Jan 19; 11am – 12.30pm

Art may appear to many as an expensive commodity, an instrument for the rich. Is it still possible to purchase art at entry level prices? Our panel discusses how safe it is; what buyers can expect; where and how to find creative and enduring art, as well as what are some of the hidden gems – the still unrecognised buys one can uncover. Sharing their rich experiences will be avid collector Bryan Tan and art fair expert Camilla Hewitson.

Rise of the Private Collection
Jan 26; 11am – 12.30pm

Today’s art market may be typified by the voracious investment-oriented art buyer. However, there are collectors who have the courage to collect without the endorsement of critics and institutions. What is it like to collect ahead of the pack? What does it take, and how far will passionate art collectors go to patronise the artists whom they admire, and to procure their artworks? Collectors Koh Seow Chuan, Albert Lim and Linda Neo speak about their collections and what drives them.

Vietnam Viewpoint
Jan 27, 11am – 12.30pm

The Hanoi art scene was one of the first of the Southeast Asian cities to receive the attention of the international art circuit. How has the art scene evolved in Vietnam, what are some of its important art developments, and what directions are these taking now? Come listen to our esteemed panellists comprising gallerist Pham Phuong Cuc and artist/curator Richard Streitmatter-Tran speak with art adviser Jimmy Chua.