Being human(?)


01 Dec 2018 to 16 Dec 2018


11am - 7pm, Wed-Sun, Closed on Tues and Public Holidays


[email protected] or +603-7955 7111

Malaysian artist Jane Stephanny’s latest solo exhibition is titled Mom, that cat looks weird!

Stephanny’s works have been said to often depict the quirks and peculiarities of the human condition; depicting a satirical observation of “humans in their natural environment going about doing the things that make them human.”

The works range in size from 41cm by 31cm to 99cm by 199.5cm and are priced from RM3,000 to RM15,000.

Stephanny draws influence from kitsch and B-horror movies, mixing the bizarre with the mundane and outs a humorous spin on things, often in a “slightly unnerving, grotesque manner.”

The characters in Stephanny’s works are flawed, unafraid in showing the ugly side of their aesthetics and behaviour. They are flawed because they are human and it is the flaws that make them human.

The characters often feature hybrids of creatures, supposedly blurring the lines between humans and animals. It is said that they serve the purpose of questioning what it really means to be human, and if we are really all that different from the creatures we choose to surround ourselves with.

The opening reception is on Dec 2 at 5pm.