Yuen Chee Ling


1978 | Dewan Sri Pinang

1978-1980 | 5 Solo exhibitions in Penang, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Bangkok

1985 | Image to Image, Philam Life Cultural Center, Manila, Philippines

1987 | Image to Image – Yuen Chee Ling Solo Exhibition, Penang Museum & State Art Gallery

1991 | Post-Genre Figurative Paintings of Yuen Chee Ling, Chin Ping Gallery, Taipeh, Taiwan

1995 | In Deep Thoughts, the Silent World, Yuen Chee Ling Solo Exhibition at Art Salon, Kuala Lumpur

1997 | Yuen Chee Ling Solo Exhibition at Ciultural Foundation Center, Abu Dhabi

1999 | Yuen Chee Ling Oil Paintings Exhibition, Tainan Art Center, Taiwan & Dongnen Art Gallery

2001 | Yuen Chee Ling Solo Exhibitions, Art Salon, Kuala Lumpur

2007 | Duo Solo Exhibition – Yeong Seak Ling & Yuen Chee Ling – Duo Solo cum Charity Auction, Schonnbrunn Hotel, Beijing

2008 | Excellent Artists of the World – Yeong Seak Ling & Yuen Chee Ling, Art Salon @ Seni Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

2009 | Art Legacy of Malaysia, Asia World Expo – Hong Kong (Trio Solo – Yeong Seak Ling, Yeun Chee Ling, Yeong Ning) 

2011 | Duo Solo Exhibition – Yeong Seak Ling & Yuen Chee Ling, Galeri Art Point, Penang



She won the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Scholarship in 1981. She also won the award of University Scholar at the University of Philippines in 1984.



1980-1981 | Creative Arts Certificate Course, Universiti Sains Malaysia

1983-1985 | Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Philippines

1984-1986 | Master of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines


  • Yuen Chee Ling has been Director/Principal of the Conservatory of Fine Arts since 1967.
  • She has also served as the Hon. Secretary for the Penang art Society and the Head of the Painting Section. She is also Chairperson of the Woman Art Associates and the International Woman Artists Associates, president of the World Council.
  • She served on the Committee of the Penang State Art Gallery from 1994-1999.