Kuo Ju Ping

1913 - 1966

1974 | The Late Kuo Ju Ping Art Exhibition, Khek Association, Penang

1997 | Kuo Ju Ping Memorial Exhibition, Penang State Art Gallery

1998 | A Tribute to Kuo Ju Ping, The Art Gallery, Penang




1940 | Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore



  • Kuo’s birth name was Koay Seng Chye
  • Founding member of the Penang Chinese Art Club in 1935
  • Gave art tuition at high schools in Penang while conducting his family’s trading business, and free tuition to younger artists
  • Painted in oil and watercolor in both realistic and impressionistic styles. He also used pastels and was fond of sketching with charcoal, pencil or marker pen. Occasionally he used Chinese ink
  • Influenced by Xu Bei Hong in sketching from life
  • Taught Tan Choon Ghee
  • A Malaysian equivalent of Van Gogh, he did not sell any paintings during his lifetime and earned his fame posthumously




1994 Mar | Christie’s Singapore

2013 Nov | Masterpiece Singapore | Watercolour on paper (32cm x 22.5cm), RM8,139

2013 Nov | Masterpiece Singapore | Oil on board (38cm x 53cm), RM18,937

2014 June |  Masterpiece Malaysia Pastel on paper (36cm x 26cm), RM 5,040

2014 June | Masterpiece Malaysia | Watercolour on paper (26.5cm x 37cm), RM 3,360

2014 June  Masterpiece Malaysia Oil on board ( 56cm x 40cm), RM 19,040

2014 June | Henry Butcher Malaysia Mixed media on paper ( 37cm x 27cm), RM 3,360

2014 June | Henry Butcher Malaysia Mixed media on paper ( 36.5cm x 28cm), RM 3,360

2014 June | Henry Butcher Malaysia Mixed media on paper ( 24cm x 35cm), RM 4,256

2014 June | Henry Butcher Malaysia Watercolour on paper ( 37.5cm x 52cm), RM 7,280

2015 Mar | The Edge Auction Ink on paper (35cm x 24cm), RM3,080

2016 March | The Edge Auction | Boat Yard | Watercolor on paper, Circa 1960s ( 27cm x 38cm) RM 4,180

2017 March | The Edge Auction | RUBBER ESTATE, circa 1960, watercolor on paper (30 x 21cm) | RM 3,760.40 (price include buyer's premium gst)