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Eternally beautiful blooms

10 April 2017

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts alumnus Tang Juey Lee can claim the rare honour of being taught by distinguished Singapore artist Georgette Chen, but his painting style is quite distinct from his late teacher’s. After 40 years of painting, Tang’s rare solo show in Kuala Lumpur encapsulates all that he has learnt and more.

Can auctioneers trust any online platform?

10 April 2017

Auctioneers have given their data (particularly buyer data, but also seller data) to online platforms as we have partnered to sell property via either simulcast and/or online-only auctions.

And, so far almost every online platform (once with enough data and/or enough money on the table) has decided to do one of two things:

1. Turn on the very auctioneers who provided all this data
2. Sell-out to (and/or merge with) a company who will turn on these very auctioneers who provided all this data

Sotheby’s HK Spring 2017 Contemporary Ink Art Sale Totals over HK$30mil

5 April 2017

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Spring 2017 Contemporary Ink Art Sale Totals HK$30,418,750/US$3,914,893*

85% Sold By Lot Over Half of The Sold Lots Achieve Prices Beyond High Estimate

Liu Dan – Star of the Sale All Eight Lots from American Source Sold to Asian Collectors With Seven Among The Sale’s Top Ten

Artist Records for Wang Jiqian and He Huaishuo

New Auction Records for the Artist

But the bidders chose to bid again …

3 April 2017

This article is published with the permission of the author.


An an auction, nobody makes (requires) a bidder to bid, although some auctioneers are known to be pretty persuasive.

Given bidding is a voluntary act, can auctioneers merely take bogus bids and cite that, “Well, they chose to bid more, so what’s the harm?”

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Spring 2017 Modern and Contemporary Art Evening Sale Results

3 April 2017

Hong Kong 2 April 2017: Patti Wong, chairman of Sotheby’s Asia, said: “We are very pleased with tonight’s robust results with an international participation from close to 20 countries. There was strong interest among Asian buyers across the four categories of paintings on offer including for our top lot, Mao by the American pop art master Andy Warhol which sold to a Asian private collector.

Remembering Michael Sullivan

24 March 2017
Sabapathy: I bid Michael Sullivan adieu. I also salute a wonderful guru who introduced me to the world of art. Photo courtesy of Patricia Chen



Distinguished Southeast Asian art historian T K Sabapathy remembers his late lecturer, Michael Sullivan, a pioneer in the field of art history in the region.

When can auctioneers reopen the bid?

24 March 2017

This article is published with the permission of the author. 

We’ve argued a somewhat strict interpretation (practicing our textualism?) of the UCC § 2-328 and the limited right the auctioneer has to reopen the bid. Today, we expose that we are not hardly alone in this assertion.

Every auction lawsuit: Perception vs. Reality

16 March 2017

This article is published with the permission of the author.

 Instead of winning or losing court cases, stay out of court altogether.


We’ve consulted in dozens of auction-related cases (litigation) since 2010. It’s not unusual for my phone to ring three-four times a week asking for my opinion on some auction procedure, practice or strategy.