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Collecting Southeast Asian Art

30 December 2016

In Southeast Asia, cross-cultural works of art have been circulated regionally and internationally since the mid-1980s and throughout the nineties. It started with the “boom” in Indonesia and the Philippines’ art markets; Malaysia and Singapore’s economic growth; Vietnam’s Đoi Moi reform period; and Thailand’s flourishing commercial art galleries in the mid-nineties, until the Asian financial crisis hit in 1997.

Top-grossing Malaysian artists

16 December 2016
Latiff Mohidin’s Seascape dated 2013 was sold at The Edge Auction in 2014 for RM572,000 including buyer’s premium


The information was gathered from selected auction houses and private galleries. All auction prices include a buyer’s premium. The conversion rates listed are based on the date of sale. Some gallery owners have declined to declare and publish their record prices.

Buying smart at auction

16 November 2016

Major works by top Malaysian artists such as Datuk Ibrahim Hussein and Latiff Mohidin generally hover in the RM300,000 to RM500,000 range at local as well as international auctions.

In the Asian 20th Century Art auction by Christie’s Hong Kong on Nov 27, Ibrahim’s oil on canvas painting, Embracing, which had a presale estimate of HK$400,000 to HK$600,000, eventually sold for HK$687,500 (RM394,531), including the buyer’s premium.

Artworks At Auction

14 November 2016

The secondary art market has gained popularity since the establishment of the first auction house focusing on Malaysian art in 2010. Three years later, three more art auction houses were set up, encouraging some competition within the ecosystem. Also, since then, smaller art auctions have been held in conjunction with philanthropic endeavours.

Bidding for art: Part I

14 November 2016
Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Air Power was the most expensive artwork on sale at the Bowie Collector
auction at Sotheby’s London on Nov 10. Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s


The indelible Mahathir factor

4 November 2016

“All the exhibitions at Ilham are decided by the curatorial team, and while the owners are consulted on our overall programmes, they have never interfered in curatorial decisions,” says Ilham gallery creative director Valentine Willie.

Auctioneers selling counterfeit property

1 November 2016

It is illegal to “traffic” in counterfeit goods and/or services in the United States. The applicable Federal law is the Trademark Counterfeiting Act of 1984 (18 U.S.C. 2320.)

While most auctioneers are probably aware of this law, some might not be as aware that the Act also applies to anyone knowingly selling counterfeit products.

Japanese Art at Opera Gallery Singapore

21 October 2016

In a spectrum of artistic styles, Opera Gallery Singapore is exhibiting the works of modern and contemporary artists from Japan in a show called Infinite Diversity from Nov 25 to Dec 11.

Representing the modern segment is the esteemed Kazuo Shiraga, prominent member from the influential Gutai Avant-Garde movement and a true master of Abstract Expressionism characterised by his raw, robust and powerful strokes.

The contemporary section features sought-after Japanese artists like Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama.

Otto Djaya’s Centennial Exhibition

30 September 2016

100 Years Otto Djaya is a commemorative exhibition in Jakarta curated by Rizki A. Zaelani and Inge-Marie Holst in celebration of Otto Djaya’s (1916 – 2002) centennial birthday. Held at National Gallery Indonesia from Sept 30 to Oct 9, the exhibition will showcase 200 of his paintings.

Sotheby’s HK Modern Asian Art Autumn Sale

19 September 2016

Zao Wou-Ki, Paysage dans la lune, 1954 – 1955, oil on canvas Est. HK$40 million – 60 million / US$5,160,000 –7,740,000 (RM21,317,250 – RM31,975,875)


‘The Sublime – Wou-Ki Zao’ & Modern and Contemporary Asian Art Evening Sale

Hong Kong Public Exhibition: 30 Sept – 2 Oct | Auction: 2 October

‘Ineffable Beauty’ & Modern Asian Art Day Sale