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Engaging Moments

18 June 2013

Not solely in pursuit of art for art’s sake, artists Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Ahmad Shukri Mohammad, Eston Tan, Peter Liew and Eng Tay, find meaning and purpose in drawing from and engaging with life.

Hidden Meanings

18 June 2013

Artists Kok Yew Puah (1947 – 1999) and Samsudin Wahab, 29, commonly feature an element of theatricality in their works. Puah and Buden (as Samsudin is popularly known) combine external aesthetics with painting to communicate hidden meanings.

Focusing on quality and provenance

18 June 2013

With two weeks to go before The Edge Auction’s inaugural sale of Modern and Contemporary Malaysian Art on June 29, art enthusiasts will have the chance to view all 33 works in Kuala Lumpur.

Scheduled for June 21-27 and from 11am-7pm, the public preview will be held at the newly completed gallery space known as The Edge Galerie in Mont’ Kiara. A similar preview was held in Singapore last weekend attended by prominent collectors and representatives of art institutions.

Works of late artists in demand

15 June 2013

Artworks of the late Datuk Ibrahim Hussein, Datuk Chuah Thean Teng and Tan Choon Ghee seem to be most popular with art collectors at the VIP preview of The Edge Auction in Singapore last night.

Held at the Helutrans art space at Tanjong Pagar Distripark,  some of Singapore’s leading art collectors and other members of the arts fraternity as well as corporate guests turned up for the special preview.

[email protected]

12 June 2013

If anyone thought that art consultant Valentine Willie was a spent force after closing his art gallery business in Malaysia and elsewhere, ought to see him in action at the [email protected] exhibition launch on June 8 in George Town, Penang.

Despite the top names in the contemporary art world exhibiting at the VW Special Projects show – held in conjunction with the George Town Festival 2013 – it was quite clear who was calling the shots there.

Legacy of Chen Wen Hsi

10 June 2013

Born in Guangdong, China, Chen (1906-1991) moved to Singapore, then part of Malaya, in 1948. He grew up fascinated with the Chinese ink paintings and calligraphy works that hung in his family home. Later, he pursued an art course at the Shanghai College of Fine Art, transferring to the Xinhua College of Fine Art only a year after.

Highlight: Singapore Preview

10 June 2013

Art enthusiasts in Singapore will be the first to preview some of the best artworks from Malaysia selected for the inaugural sale of The Edge Auction on June 29 in Kuala Lumpur.

Poetry in Motion

10 June 2013

Sharing an interest in communicating poetic beauty, contemporary artists Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Chong Siew Ying and Kow Leong Kiang seem to evoke a certain lyrical mood in their paintings. However, their contemporaries like Jalaini Abu Hassan and Eric Chan seem to utilise the element of fleeting beauty to project a subtle message.

Penang Power

3 June 2013

Many art reference sources claim that painterly efforts in Penang began in the 1930s, when artists such as Abdullah Ariff, Yong Mun Sen, Kuo Ju Ping and Khaw Sia painted local scenes such as the landscape in watercolour.

Masters of Portraiture

3 June 2013

Dato’ Hoessein Enas and Lee Cheng Yong have much in common as artists as they were both greatly influenced by Western art and both practised in Penang. Both excelled in oil painting especially in portraiture, leaving an invaluable legacy of art that document the vibrancy of a bygone period.

Born in Bogor, Indonesia, in 1924 and died in Kuala Lumpur in 1995, Hoessein arrived in Singapore in 1947. He hid in a barge to escape the armed conflicts arising between Indonesian and Dutch forces for the rights to independence.