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Auctioneers and confidence

18 February 2019

I’ve heard it many times in my career — confidence is an auctioneer’s stock-in-trade, confidence is an auctioneer’s most valuable asset, confidence makes an auctioneer … and many other variations.

The particular definition of confidence in which I’m referring is more so “self-confidence:”

"… a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities."

“As-is” and should have known

12 February 2019

Our topic here concerns the sale of a horse named Eloquent Diva at auction where the buyer found shortly thereafter his new purchase had a congenital heart condition. As might be expected, the horse was sold “as-is.” The particular disclaimer used:

Our auction had more views …

8 February 2019

Comparing or contrasting statistics from auctions can be fun. One auctioneer had a live auction with 450 bidders and 1,126 lots sold. Another auctioneer had an online auction with 450 bidders, 1,126 lots sold, 29 bids per lot, 26,743 views of the auction prior and 395 of those 450 bidders (87.8%) placing bids.

Can my auctioneer just “walk away?”

29 January 2019

This telephone call more or less started with a question … “Can my auctioneer just walk away?” “Quit?” My answer after getting more information was, “Probably.”

Auctioneer licensing might be changing

24 January 2019

Occupational licensing — auctioneer licensing — might be changing across the United States. Reports and studies note that billions of dollars are wasted licensing occupations which don’t necessarily need licensed.

The threat to live (all) auctions

22 January 2019

Many auctioneers conduct live auctions. Many auctioneers conduct online-only auctions. Many auctioneers conduct simulcast auctions. A few are suggesting that there is threat to the live auction industry due to more and more preferring online or simulcast events. I disagree.

Is your auctioneer providing an experience?

17 January 2019

If one group of people have difficulty with change — it’s auctioneers; and if there’s one group of people who have changed — it’s also auctioneers.

The biggest changes? Probably live auctions to online auctions, and maybe more importantly the changing customer/client desires and demands. In that regard, I found interesting a quote from Disney’s current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:

Auctioneer says this guy is a deadbeat?

15 January 2019

Auctioneers, auction associations and others regularily share information on so-called “deadbeat” bidders — bidders that don’t pay, write bad checks, give false information, etc.

For the most part, this is really good information in that other auctioneers can take note, and take precautions to avoid the same these people/problems. We were recently asked, “Is there any concern posting such information?”