Perception: Cai Xiaosong

26 April 2017 - 12:05pm

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery will stage a selling exhibition of Chinese contemporary artist Cai Xiaosong from May 5-19.

Entitled, Perception: Cai Xiaosong,  the show  features 29 works and include the artist’s new ink landscape painting series entitled Song – Perception which is said to mark a decisive transition in his art.

In the new series, Cai shifts his artistic focus from representational expression to a visual interpretation of the world on a metaphysical level. Meticulously executed subject matters such as scholars’ rocks, planets, and Buddhist sculptures frequently seen in his previous works now give way to semi-abstract landscapes that are full of movement and rhythm and which capture the essence of nature rather than its physical forms.

A passionate traveller, Cai has journeyed through Europe, North Africa and the Middle East to understand the origins of and to experience Western culture first hand. Struck by contrasts between cultures and religions, Cai approaches his paintings with a sense of purpose and seeks a harmonious solution to balance the opposition. He is drawn to analysing the conflict between humanity and nature, man and the universe, classical and contemporary, past and present, tradition and innovation. Cai’s aesthetic approach to conflict has garnered international attention with the debut of Planet, an illuminated painting installation featured at the Future Pass exhibition during the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011.

Says Sotheby’s Hong Kong contemporary ink department head Katherine Don, “In the past two years, Cai Xiaosong embarked on theSong – Perception series and created 20 new paintings exclusively for this exhibition. This new series manifests a mature painting style, not only demonstrating confidence in brushwork and also emphasizing movement and maintaining resonance in overall composition. It is our honour to work with such a dynamic contemporary artist and to present Cai’s Perception at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery.”

Cai Xiaosong was born in Shanghai in 1964, and graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. Trained in traditional Chinese ink painting, he experimented with Western media and art forms before returning to an exclusive use of ink, brush, silk, and paper. Cai moved to Beijing in 2009 and currently lives and works in both Beijing and Los Angeles.

Cai’s works have been widely exhibited by institutions including the National Museum of Fine Arts (Havana, Cuba), National Taiwan Museum Of Fine Arts, Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Beijing Today Art Museum, IVAM - Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (Spain), Plum Blossoms (Hong Kong) and more.