Heartbreak Hotel

15 Feb 2018 to 03 Mar 2018

Heartbreak Hotel is a group exhibition comprising the works of emerging artists Mark Tan (27), Ibnu Alfadli Othman (28), and Jun Kit (35).

The works are said to explore the many facets of heartbreak and the transient, anonymous space of the hotel.

Mark Tan captures the emotional responses of the brokenhearted, representing gore and raw sentiment through mark-making.

Ibnu Alfadli’s silkscreen prints center around themes of falling, embracing, and the physical silhouettes that lovers make.

Impression of Landscape

11 Feb 2018 to 25 Feb 2018

Penang-born artist Chow Zhi Long's solo exhibition, Impression of Landscape, showcases 30 oil paintings.

The works range in size from 40cm by 30cm to 90cm by 120cm and are priced from RM3,200 to RM8,200.​

Chow obtained a master's degree in oil painting at the University of the Arts in Jiangsu, China, in 2011. 

Primitive by Ahmad Fuad Osman

08 Feb 2018 to 13 Mar 2018

After an absence of more than 10 years, local contemporary artist Ahmad Fuad Osman stages his new solo exhibition entitled, Primitive.

The gallery’s press release states that “despite his long absence from the scene, Ahmad Fuad has lost none of the grit that typifies his shrewd observations of the socio-political landscape.”

The show will feature paintings, sculptures and installation works completed in the past few years.

Ahmad Fuad’s recent works were featured in the Singapore Biennale in 2016.

Exodus Deja Vu

06 Feb 2018 to 18 Feb 2018

Exodus Deja Vu is the title of a group photography exhibition featuring seven photojournalists and photographers, namely; Coskun Aral, Suthep Kritsanavarin, Issa Touma, Roland Neveu, Sergey Ponomarev, Rahman Roslan and Greg Constantine.

The works in this exhibition are said to document the harsh lives of refugees from warring countries. According to a press release by the centre, the photographs build common ground amongst people speaking different languages and living different lives.

Re-visiting Kuala Lumpur

07 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018

Re-Visiting Kuala Lumpur is a group photography exhibition featuring the works of photographers Eric Peris, Lee Hong Leng & K.F. Choy.

The photographic prints include the view from the revolving restaurant of Federal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur from 1976 and present day. 

The images from the past were shot by Eric Peris, who was then a journalist with the New Straits Times.

Paintings of Ruqayyah Hanim by Ahmad Zakii

20 Jan 2018 to 21 Jan 2018

The Legacy of Ruqayyah Hanim (1864-1904) is a story of a woman from Turkey whose descendants have been and are among Malaysia's most illustratious sons and daughters. 

She has been remembered and honoured in a trilogy of three paintings by Malaysian artist Ahmad Zakii Anwar.

The biography of Ruqayyah Hanim is regarded as an important part of the tapestry of Malaysia's historical relationship with Turkey.

Her three marriages in Johor had an influence on the nation's development. 

Kadang Kadang Dekat Dekat Akan Datang No 4

17 Jan 2018 to 03 Feb 2018

Kadang Kadang Dekat Dekat Akan Datang No.4, is the fourth showcase of works by collaborating artists at A+ art space. The title refers to a riddle in the 1959 Malay movie, Nujum Pa’ Blalang, by the late actor-singer-director P. Ramlee.

This exhibition features multi-disciplinary artist, Samsudin Wahab (b. 1984, Perak).

The exhibition will feature an installation titled, Wira Banga (2016). The work comprises four light boxes and a video, it was commissioned for the Kuandu Biennale in Taiwan in the same year.

Sculpting Light by Kim Lim

13 Jan 2018 to 03 Mar 2018

British-Singaporean sculptor and printmaker Kim Lim will hold her first solo exhibition in Singapore, entitled Sculpting Light.

The exhibition will feature works on paper and sculptures that span over three decades.

Turning away from convention, Lim viewed paper as a sculptural material, much like stone and wood.

The gallery’s press release states that, “she draws inspiration from her travels in Asia, from sources such as Khmer temples and Japanese gardens, to early Chinese art”.

Jahan Loh's Genesis

17 Jan 2018 to 18 Mar 2018

Genesis: God’s Terrarium is the title of Singaporean Pop artist Jahan Loh’s latest solo exhibition.

A collection of paintings, limited edition prints and a large sculpture of "Adam and Eve" will be on display.

This project is said to reflect Loh’s preoccupation with existentialism and the works offer a glimpse into his mind. The biblical theme of the works centre around the time of Man’s Creation and the Garden of Eden before Man’s expulsion.

The Horizon is Just an Illusion

12 Jan 2018 to 03 Feb 2018

The Horizon is Just an Illusion is a group exhibition featuring 10 local artists; chi too, Dain Iskandar Said, Haffendi Anuar, Hayati Mokhtar, Lee Mok Yee, Sharmiza Abu Hassan, Tan Zi Hao, Viko Zhijune, Yee I-Lann and Yeoh Choo Kuan.

The exhibition is curated by Malaysian Eva McGovern-Basa who is based in Philippines.

According to the gallery’s press release, the exhibition presents recent strategies and approaches to landscape as a subject in Malaysian art.