Aqal III

12 May 2018 to 10 Jun 2018

Entitled Aqal III, this group exhibition features 40 works by 11 UiTM fine art graduates.

The participating artists are Amin Hashim, Azmir Ahmad, Che' Ahmad Azhar, Farhan Amir, Fatah Taib, Fiziana Mydin, Florence Ejoy, Jekiyah, Meor Saifulah Lulaed, Nur Amalina Md Isa and Sukhairi Shuid.

The artworks range in price from RM1,000 to RM10,000 and the sizes range from 38cm by 27cm to 113cm by 234cm.

The show opens on May 12 at 3pm.

Like a Heretic: On Vision and Belief by Suzann Victor

11 May 2018 to 10 Jun 2018

Australia-based Singaporean artist Suzann Victor showcases See Like a Heretic: On Vision and Belief.  

Based in Australia since the late 1990s, Victor's art continues to be a regular feature of the contemporary art scene in Singapore, collected and exhibited by Singapore's major cultural institutions and significant to Singapore's contemporary art history.

Celebrating Pago-Pago: Latiff Mohidin

02 May 2018

Entitled, Celebrating Pago-Pago: Latiff Mohidin, this special exhibition comprises eight oil paintings, five ink on paper works, a sketch and two etching.

The show will be launched at a date to be confirmed by the gallery.

For more images, please click here.





Lost in time

10 May 2018 to 02 Jun 2018

Lost is the title of Thai photographer Manit Sriwanichpoom’s exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

This series emerged from an error during the artist’s attempt to scan and digitize glass negatives of photographs taken by Liang Ewe (1911 – 1992), said to be one of Thailand’s most celebrated photographers.

The resulting “errors” appear to partially cover or distort various parts of the subjects. This supposedly creates a certain sense that these people are “trapped in another dimension”.


19 Apr 2018 to 03 May 2018

Apresiasi is a group exhibition featuring the works of Aely Manaf and Nor Tijan Firdaus.

The works are said to showcase the "artists’ appreciation towards their chosen medium".

Aely’s series of oil canvas works entitled, Pasak, are said to be his explorations on various techniques in creating abstract forms.

The medium was chosen by Aely due to his familiarity and experience in working in a factory that produced "compound".

Swiss vs Southeast Asian monsters

13 Apr 2018

Malaysian artist Sharon Chin recently participated in a workshop in Switzerland entitled, Studiolog - Media/Exchange Symposium. Participants of the workshop were given short introductions to “monsters” from European and Southeast Asian traditions. The participants then interpreted the “monsters” using image, text and performance.

18 Emerging Artists

12 Apr 2018 to 30 Apr 2018

Progredi is a group exhibition featuring the works of 18 emerging artists namely, Amar Shahid, Amir Amin, Amirul Roslan, Azrul Azrai Mohyi, Ezwa Hasin, Fatah Taib, Fitriah Roslan, Izzat Hamdan, Kamal Sazali, Khairul Ehsani Sapari, Megat Zaim Zharif, M.N. Hafiz Hamzah, Nazrul Hamzah, Nizar Sulaiman, Putra Nazri, Shaliza Juanna Alfred, Syukur Rani and Zarina Abdullah.

The title is said to be a combination of the latin words pro (forward) and gradi (to walk).


13 Apr 2018

As part of ongoing activities of the group exhibition, Rupa-Rupa(nya…) there will be a launch of the novel, Minggat, written by Kamal Mustafa, a film director and visual artist.

In Javanese, "minggat" means "leaving" in the literal sense. According to a press release, most things Javanese are phonetically nuanced with multiple meanings.

Bleak future

13 Apr 2018 to 13 May 2018

Arkologi: gelap is the title of Ajim Juxta’s latest solo exhibition.

The works are categorised under three segments, Arcology, Penghuni Distopia (Dystopians) and Tugu (Monument).

The works are said to present prophecies based on humanity’s past and current trajectories.

They are also said to act as a critique on the development of land and how we continue to build without much consideration on the repercussions it will have on our environment.

Forms of portraiture

13 Apr 2018 to 30 Apr 2018

Facebook is the title of a group exhibition featuring the works of 10 local artists, namely, Stephen Menon, Jeganathan Ramachandram, Liu Cheng Hua, Mat Ali Mat Som, Ismadi Sallehudin, Dr Hushinaidi, Kelvin Chap, Arikwibowo Amril, Mazurah Shaari and Khiddir Baharudin.

The exhibition comprises works of portraiture in their respective style.

The show is said to be an attempt by the gallery to show their guests an “out of box” look at portraiture.