School of Thought

07 Mar 2017 to 19 Mar 2017

Segaris Art Centre is staging an inaugural art exhibition that brings together a selection of artworks by graduating students of several local institutions with fine art programmes. 

The exhibition provides a public platform for the graduating students to reach a wider audience. 79 graduates from 13 art institutions in Malaysia have been invited to participate in the School of Thought (SOT) Exhibition. 



25 Mar 2017 to 16 Apr 2017

Fergana will be producing a multi disciplinary exhibition of visual arts, poetry, grunge street theatre, music, folk art and discussion forums. Said to be "a modest experimental journey themed on the Post Truth / Post Fact / Right Truth / Left Truth and UnTruths and quite a few Lies in Between", the exhibition will gather practitioners across the artistic and academic spectrum "to show, shout, write, talk and sing about their own takes on a phenomenon that should interest us all and hopefully add to the creative spin rate".

Khazanah by Idris Ali

18 Mar 2017

Singaporean watercolourist Idris Mohamed Ali, 73, is showing his latest solo exhibition entitled, Khazanah.

According to a press release from the gallery, "Khazanah", in Malay and Urdu, means "treasure".

"And in folklore narrates the concentration of riches, perceived as valuable in tangible calculations and intangible measurements, hidden or discovered fortunes which never fail to excite every audience to draw their own journeys to discover. 

Examining Wong Hoy Cheong's work

11 Mar 2017

The publication, Latihan: Selected Studies by Wong Hoy Cheong, accompanies the exhibition, On Unlearning and Relearning: A Solo Exhibition by Wong Hoy Cheong.

It provides a useful reference that documents four decades of Wong's paper-based work. 

These studies featured in the exhibition, were fundamental to the artist's work process, on which he was able to build an interdisciplinary practice — which spans performance art, installation and video documentary and later includes, photography and film. 

Artist Talk: Taring Padi at Ilham Gallery

04 Mar 2017

Two of Taring Padi's representatives, Mohamad Yusuf and Yunanto Setio Broto will be at ILHAM Gallery to talk about the collective's history and its development over the years. The talk will be divided in three parts:

1. A screening of a 30-minute film: "Art, Activism and Rock 'n Roll" which tells the story of Taring Padi's early development and their activities when they were based at the Indonesian Art Institution's ex- campus in Yogjakarta.

Escape from the Sea

24 Feb 2017 to 23 Apr 2017

This group exhibition entitled, ESCAPE from the SEA, is an extension of a curatorial development programme called the Condition Report, initiated by the Japan Foundation Asia Centre.

Presented by The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with the National Art Gallery and Art Printing Works Sdn Bhd,  the multi-part exhibition highlights issues of emigration related to identity, belonging and history through the politics of borders in this region and beyond.

Kamin Lertchaiprasert's Moment

04 Mar 2017 to 05 May 2017

If there is no "present moment", "the past and future" will not be clarified, states leading Thai artist Kamin Lertchaiprasert in his exhibition, The Timeless Present Moment (Selected Works).

In order to understand “what the state of before birth and after death is like?” or “what is past and future?”, Kamin has considered the concept of the “present moment” as the truth connecting the state of "before" and "after" together.

2nd Wave in Klang

25 Feb 2017 to 31 Mar 2017

The 2nd Wave exhibition at TAPG features over 160 artworks by 80 emerging and established artists. The show will be launched on Feb 25 at 3pm by director general, National Visual Arts Development Board, Prof. Dato Dr. Mohamed Najib bin Ahmad Dawa,

The gallery staged its 1st Wave art exhibition in 2015 followed by four other shows in 2016, entitled, 4our Statement, Enthrall, Alegore and Suzlee Ibrahim's 30th Solo.



Asia Contemporary Art Show

17 Mar 2017 to 20 Mar 2017

A world of art comes to Hong Kong in March, see thousands of artworks from Asia and the world at the 10th edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show.