ILHAM conversations: A Bit of Culture BFM 89.9

08 Jul 2017

In 2007, a new local independent radio station was born — BFM 89.9, focused on business news and current affairs. BFM completely changed the face of radio and broadcasting in Malaysia through its championing of rational, evidence-based discourse in its programming. ILHAM hosts BFM’s programme, A Bit of Culture where presenter Kam Raslan and his two guests Sharaad Kuttan and Bernice Chauly will take a look at three topics from the wide world of the arts, creativity and pop culture.

Aspects of Life & Nature by Heng Eow Lin

02 Jul 2017 to 04 Aug 2017

Veteran local artist Heng Eow Lin's latest solo exhibition, Aspects of Life & Nature, comprises nine sculptures and 24 paintings.

His paintings focus on lovers, sensual females, parent-child compositions as well as buffaloes and goats.
His sculptures relate to mother-child figures, women and  "The Kiss".

The artworks range in size from 25cm by 21cm to 122cm by 244cm and prices are from RM2,000 to RM50,000.

The sculptures range in dimensions from 16cm by 27cm by 16cm to 46cm by 15cm by 13cm and prices are from RM12,000 to RM60,000 .

KEN Gallery debuts with 3 shows

08 Jul 2017 to 30 Jul 2017

Over 100 paintings from the collection of prominent property developer Datuk Kenny Tan will be exhibited at KEN Gallery, the latest art space in Kuala Lumpur.

Italian Analytic Paintings

06 Jul 2017 to 27 Jul 2017

Italian artist Gianfranco Zappettini will stage his solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur featuring 14 works from the past five decades of his practice. The works are said to record his journey through his structural “superimposed canvases” to recent paintings from La trama e l’ordito (The Weft and the Warp) where he revisits the Genovese macramé tradition through a "more internalised path".

David Hockney at STPI

01 Jul 2017 to 09 Sep 2017

Thirty-six works by David Hockney, drawn mostly from the Singapore Art Museum will be highlighted at STPI Gallery's Special Annual Exhibition entitled, A Matter of Perspective.
The show presents how the artist continues to push the boundaries of print techniques, investigating the one intrigue which defines his entire career: perspectives.

Korean & Myanmar New Wave Art

01 Jul 2017 to 06 Jul 2017

Platform of the Peace is an exchange programme between artists from South Korea and Myanmar.

The exhibition features works of the "new wave" generation with 20 works from each artist.

Participating Korean artists are Bang Jeong A, Choi Suk Un, Jeong Yong Kuk, Kim Choon Ja, Kim Eun Ju, Kim Jung Min, Park Eun Seang, Park Tae Hong, Pyo In Sook and Song Sung Jin.

From Myanmar are Aung Min, Aung Win, Chan Aye, Min Wae Aung, Nu Ru, Pe Nyunt Way, San Minn, San Naing, Yan Naing Tun and Ye Aung Myat.

Graduate Art Show

01 Jul 2017 to 08 Jul 2017

Refraction is a graduation show featuring the works of five fine art students from The One Academy, a local art institution.

The participating artists are Chiew Xing Huei, E Pei Ni, Delaram Shafaei, Rex Lee Qi and Zearo. Their works aim to engage the world through viewpoints that reflect their visual language and artefacts.
E expresses herself with "expressionless portraits" to depict her love-hate relationship with technology. 

Chiew turns to abstraction to record sorrow in the ebb and flow of time. 

​Lok Kerk Hwang's Magical Watercolours

01 Jul 2017 to 16 Jul 2017

After having staged two solo exhibitions in Singapore, The Magic of Light I and The Magic of Light II, in 2014 and 2016 respectively, Lok Kerk Hwang (b.1973) is organising his fourth solo exhibition, The Magic of Light III, which features 47 selected watercolour paintings that date from 1993 till this year.

Private Affairs II

16 Jun 2017 to 14 Jul 2017

Private Affairs II is a group exhibition featuring the works of contemporary artists.

The participating artists are Amar Shahid, Dedi Sufriadi, Raduan Man, Umibaizurah, Chong Ai Lei, Adli Baqi, Shaifuddin Mamat (Poodien), Anton Subiyanto, Shamsuri Mohamed, Ilham Fadli, Saiful Razman, Daud Rahim, Ruzzeki Harris & Anton Subiyanto, Syahbandi Samat, Imam Santoso and Mulyo Gunarso.

Talk on Georgia O'Keeffe

03 Jul 2017

Celebrating the centennial of Georgia O'Keeffe's first solo show, this illustrated talk traces a neglected yet key figure of 20th century painting. An artist who dared to replace European influences with Asian ones in order to create a type of American art,  anticipating Biomorphism, Colour Field, Pop, Op and Minimalism.