Disconnection and Connection

25 Aug 2017 to 16 Sep 2017

Johor-based artist Phuan Thai Meng, 43, will exhibit a selection of hyper-realist paintings, installations and an interactive project, in his solo show, Hey Malaysian, Something You [  ] Leave Behind! 

He works with postcards, newspapers and documents such as the identity card, to communicate the contradictions of nationhood and the importance of knowing where you come from.

The New Now

26 Aug 2017 to 17 Sep 2017

The New Now group exhibition features the works of seven emerging artists, most of whom recently graduated from art institutions. 

The participating artists are Kayleigh Goh, Kuat Zhi Hooi, Lim Charlotte, Gabrielle Tolentino, Leonard Wee, Wong Jia Yi and Benedict Yu. 

Transit Art

26 Aug 2017 to 09 Sep 2017

Entitled Transit A1, latest group exhibition comprises 37 artworks.

Participating artists are:

Suspending Light

19 Aug 2017 to 22 Aug 2017

Entitled Suspending Light Within Photography, this group exhibition features recent works by four photographers. They are Hilda Vandermeulen, Alan Dougans, Brett Shields, and local artist Fai Suk Kow. 

Covering human interest subjects plus landscape and nature, the photographs offer an intimate look at the way the photographers view their diverse subject matter.

Each of them is well-traveled and the images are touted to offer an international feel. 

All the prints are for sale.

Song of Eucalyptus by Datuk Sharifah Fatimah

05 Sep 2017 to 01 Oct 2017

Malaysian senior artist Datuk Sharifah Fatimah Syed Zubir's latest solo exhibition is entitled Song of Eucalyptus.

The show features 32 works and the event marks 50 years of her art practice.

Sharifah Fatimah's latest works continue to incorporate the eucalyptus bark, which is of symbolic meaning to her and is said to evoke the sense of a forest-in-a-painting as well as offer tactile and textural qualities.

Big & Small Paintings by 13 Penang Artists

13 Aug 2017 to 03 Sep 2017

In conjunction with the 60th Malaysian Independence Day, Galeri Seni Mutiara will be organising a group show entitled Big and Small Painting Exhibition 2017, which features 26 works by local artists.

The participating artists are Heng Eow Lin, Cheung Pooi Yip, Koay Soo Kau, Fong Kim Sing, Khoo Cheang Jin, Chan Chiow Teng, Dato' Chuah Kooi Yong, Loo Hooi Nam, Lee Choon Kooi, Calvin Chua, Lee Chi Hin, Tan Kai Sheuan and Keng Seng Choo.

The prices for the artworks range from RM1,800 to RM35,000 and sizes vary between 30.5cm by 30.5cm and 50cm by 138cm.


05 Aug 2017 to 03 Sep 2017

In conjunction with Georgetown Festival 2017, base2 - a private gallery established by the founder of Witness Collection, Adrian Jones - presents a selection of works from Witness Collection, which showcases works by Vietnamese artists who documented the war in Vietnam including daily life during the wartime. These so-called front line artists’ work leads into those artists who found the subject of war a source of inspiration for new forms of expression.

Knowing Incompleteness

05 Aug 2017 to 20 Aug 2017

Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta presents an exhibition to celebrate the talents of a group of young Indonesian artists namely Agung Santosa, Fika Riasantika, Gusmen Heriadi, Iabadiou Piko, Nofria Doni Fitri and Ridho Rizki. Entitled Knowing Incompleteness, the exhibition aims to explore the "incompleteness" in an artwork.

From a philosophical perspective, the theme represents the ever-present yet enigmatic ‘gap’ which exists between the works and their reality – this enigma in itself is interesting enough to explore, observe and experience. 

Sultanate in the Eye, Monarchy at Heart

09 Aug 2017 to 23 Aug 2017

Anne Samat's first solo exhibition entitled Sultanate in the Eye, Monarchy at Heart will feature eight works from her Freedom series, which comprise wall-mounted mixed media sculptures as well as installation works with free-standing sculptures.

In search of new textures, Anne substitutes the traditional with the contemporary – she employs yarn, polyester and rattan sticks instead of the conventional silk and cotton, injecting a new identity to an art form often mistaken as craft. 

The exhibition opens on Aug 9 at 5pm.

Daido Moriyama: Mapping City

09 Aug 2017 to 09 Sep 2017

A photography exhibition by Japanese artist Daido Moriyama, 79, will be showcased at A+ Works of Art, the latest addition to Kuala Lumpur's contemporary art gallery, founded by Joshua Lim.

Entitled Mapping City, the exhibition is curated by Gwen Lee, director of DECK, an independent art space in Singapore. The show traces the artist’s fascination and interest in the “city”, particularly Tokyo, which dominated most of his creations since the Sixties.