Prints up for grabs

20 Oct 2018 to 03 Nov 2018

Go Block is a group exhibition featuring Faizal Suhif, Juhari Said, Samsudin Wahab and Shahrul Jamili.

The exhibition's concept is said to introduce and innovative take on printmaking and its processes.

The opening reception will be on Oct 20 at 8pm.

A lucky draw will be held before the reception at 5.30pm. The first 100 guests will be given a chance to win one of eight prints from the artists.

Following the lucky draw, the four artists will speak about their works. The talk is at 6pm and will be moderated by G13 director Kenny Teng.

Commentary on society

17 Oct 2018 to 17 Nov 2018

A solo exhibition by Thai artist Nopchai Ungkavatanapong will be held at Richard Koh Projects; a pop-up space in Bangkok under Malaysian gallery Richard Koh Fine Art.

The exhibition will present recent works comprising installations made out of readymade objects, neon lights and electronical components.

In a press release, the artist is quoted as saying "My work is a compilation of intertextuality. I use signs (objects) to communicate my
interpretations of humans’ existences and phenomenon."

The opening reception is on Oct 17 at 2pm.

Remembering Chua Ek Kay

20 Oct 2018 to 20 Dec 2018

A Long Way from Home 近觀遠濤 is an exhibition featuring the works of the late Singaporean artist Chua Ek Kay.

Curated by Art Agenda S.E.A. founder Wang Zineng, the exhibition sees a collaboration between the advisory firm and students of SMU-X’s Arts and Culture Management course, led by Professor Kwok Kian Chow.

A total of 24 paintings will be exhibited, many never previously seen. The works are on loan from a private collection.

Trendy art

26 Oct 2018 to 22 Nov 2018

Trendy Vibes is a group exhibition featuring eight Malaysian artists. They are Alice Loo, Dr. Baharuddin Arus, Jeremy Lee, Koh Teng Huat, Maizul Affendy, Moses Khor, Soon Lai Wai and Yew Souf.

It is said that the artists have been to asked to come up with works that are 'trendy' (artistic creation that is modern and up to date according to the artist's interpretation) with vibes (emotions) expressed in the work.

The opening reception is on Oct 28 at 12.30pm.

Looking ahead, remembering the past

12 Oct 2018 to 31 Oct 2018

As deep as I could remember, as far as I could see is the first solo exhibiiton by Malaysian artist Caryn Koh.

Based in the UK, Koh's works featured in the exhibition are said to be efforts in remembering her past, while also looking forward to what life has to offer.

The opening reception is on Oct 13 at 7pm.

The further you stand, the clearer you see

17 Oct 2018 to 21 Nov 2018

The further you stand, the clearer you see is Malaysian artist Yim Yen Sum’s first solo exhibition in her home country.

The exhibition is said to shed light on the notion of memories linked to architecture.

Yim is said to be “intrigued by historical buildings across Malaysia – at the same time distressed by their rapid disappearance.”

Thus leading her to “create embroidery patchworks that mix and match portions of different structures, as if recycling them into new edifices.”

Gruesome portraits

06 Sep 2018 to 04 Nov 2018

Indonesian artist Dadang Christanto’s first solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur is titled Missing.

Throughout his career, Dadang Christanto has produced a body of works that honours the countless victims of political violence and crimes against humanity.

The title possibly alludes to the lack of documentation on the Indonesian anti-communist purge between 1965-66.

The exhibition comprises 110 acrylic and charcoal imagined portraits of victims tied to the massacre.

The exhibition will also feature installations and sculptures.


08 Oct 2018 to 08 Nov 2018

Ambiguity is a solo exhibition by Malaysian artist Datuk Tajuddin Ismail.

Organised in collaboration with Segaris Art Center and TJ Fine Art, the exhibition will show 29 recent works from the senior artist.

The works are said to explore the concept of forms and contents through abstraction. Datuk Tajuddin Ismail is also said to have taken inspiration from nature, music, design and architecture.

Higher Order Love

12 Oct 2018 to 02 Nov 2018

Malaysian artist Hasanul Isyraf Idris’ latest solo exhibition is titled HOL (Higher Order Love) Chapter 3, Scab: Lucky Draw.

This exhibition is the third chapter of the artist’s Higher Order Love series which began in 2016. Chapter 3 will present large format mixed media drawings on paper, aluminium sculptures and video animations.

The series is said to “uncover a universe which renders memories and snippets of the artist’s life into visual interpretations through various elements in drawing.”

Art Expo Malaysia 2018

12 Oct 2018 to 14 Oct 2018

Art Expo Malaysia (AEM) returns for its 12th edition in 2018. Touted as the longest-running international art fair in Southeast Asia, this year's edition features 65 art galleries from 22 countries, exhibiting over 1,000 works.

AEM 2018 unveils two new special exhibition areas titled 1+9 Southeast Asia Special Exhibition Area and Japan Pavilion.