Under Wraps at Gillman Barracks


20 Apr 2017 to 19 May 2017


11am-7pm, daily


1 Lock Road, #01-02 Gillman Barracks, Singapore


+65 66943080 / [email protected]

Latest solo exhibition by Indonesian artist Syagini Ratna Wulan, entitled ahead of itself already being in.

While Syagini has worked in media as diverse as installations and drawings, and has included elements in her artworks, she has also been exploring the interplay of light, colour and perception.

These explorations are reflected in her "abstract sculptural" paintings.  

Each of her four paintings features a collection of unknown objects draped by fabric, set in an empty room. The compositions make us want to throw off the cloth to reveal what lies beneath on one hand, and to leave the unknown veiled. 

These paintings serve as a metaphor for contemplation and are touted as a "tour de force" in the depiction of light and shadow.

Juxtaposed with her paintings are transparent sculptures made from a modular unit that Syagini designed and mass-produced. They are said to be anti-thesis of the traditional still-life paintings in terms of material, style, form and craft.

Opening reception is on April 20 at 7pm.