Swiss vs Southeast Asian monsters


13 Apr 2018


3.30pm - 5.30pm


[email protected] or +603 9286 7004

Malaysian artist Sharon Chin recently participated in a workshop in Switzerland entitled, Studiolog - Media/Exchange Symposium. Participants of the workshop were given short introductions to “monsters” from European and Southeast Asian traditions. The participants then interpreted the “monsters” using image, text and performance.

Now having returned to Malaysia, Chin will host a sharing session entitled, Kola-boo!-rasi: Gerun dan perlu (Colla-boo!-ration: Scary and necessary) discussing observations and outcomes from Switzerland, including but not limited to:

  • Cultural differences in Switzerland and the impact on communication & exchange

  • Building an environment and atmosphere for exchange: space, furniture, shared meals, scheduling slackness or unaccountable time

  • New workshop methods (particularly for arts education): working with hands (coloring, crafting, drawing), balancing group and individual activities, building narratives

  • New methods for reading texts and conducting discussions as a group

  • Thinking by doing and making, why research can be a trap

  • Being present versus being mediated

  • The question of ownership in collaboration

  • Understanding the relationship between uncertainty, flow and attention why this is an essential skill in today’s hyper-mediated environment

  • Learning to welcome discomfort, failure and risk

This session is especially recommended for:

  • Arts educators

  • Arts practitioners interested in organizing collaborative or exchange projects

  • People interested in different approaches to collaboration and how these can be applied across various fields and social life in Malaysia