A Solo Show: LINES by Anees Maani


12 May 2017 to 04 Jun 2017


10.30am – 7pm


Lot 24 & 25, Level G4, Block C5, Publika Shopping Gallery, 50480 Kuala Lumpu


+603 6201 5360 / [email protected]

Third solo exhibition by Jordanian-based artist Anees Maani, entitled LINES, comprises 13 sculptures, 10 wood-works and 8 aluminium.

Prices range from RM3,000 to RM30,000 and works dimension ranging from 28cm by 21cm by 8cm to 195cm by 69cm by 20cm.

LINES is an evolution of basic formations created by the early hands of man and a conceptualisation of industrialisation as well as progression of mankind.

He is a contemporary sculptor of rare intellectual proportions. Hailing from Jordan, the creations of Anees Maani evokes a minimalistic yet powerful sculptures on the evolution of forms in nature and in human culture from different areas and environments on earth. He uses sculpture to explore and enjoy life. 

And after living in the desert for a long time, his current stay in a tropical environment gave him an opportunity to explore a variety of natural forms found in the jungle where some of those forms in plants and insects have made it into his recent sculptures displayed in this exhibition.

Opening will be on May 12 at 8pm.