So You Want To Be In An Art Group


07 Nov 2017 to 18 Nov 2017


11am-6pm, Tues-Sat (Sun & Mon by appointment)


HOM Art Trans, 6A Jalan Cempaka 16, Taman Cempaka, 68000 Ampang Selangor


012-373 6004

So You Want To Be In An Art Group, is the title of a programme initiated by HOM Art Trans.

It aims to gather young artists who would like to join an art group which will be managed by the gallery. 

This first edition involves three groups, namely, Noktah, Pancar and Pentagon, each consists of five members who are graduates of local art schools, including Universiti Teknologi Mara, Dasein Academy of Art and The One Academy.

For the purpose of introducing themselves to the scene, all the three groups will hold a debut show exploring the theme of still life. 

Entitled Inception, the show allows each participant to express and showcase not only works that best represent their own style and medium but also to reflect their ability, creativity and individuality in approaching the theme.

The exhibition provides a platform for them to reveal their skills and to launch their respective group.

The first group, Noktah, comprises Khair Abd Muin, Tobias Ryuu, Amirul Roslan, Shafiq Ahmad and Ammir Zamri. Noktah, a Malay word for full stop, is used in writings to indicate the end of a sentence and the beginning of a new one. It symbolises their new beginning as an art group.

Amar Shahid, Amierul Iskandar, Choo Ai Xin, Izzudin Basiron and Firdaus Nordin are members of another group, Pancar Art Group. It is derived from the Malay word pancawhich means five, which corresponds to the number of members.

The final group is called, Pentagon, comprising Anis Che Mat, Syukur Rani, Hafiz Shafie, Aizzat Rashid and Ong Cai Bin. This refers to a polygon shape with five sides. It represents the unity and link among the members despite each practising a different style and approach in art-making.

Such a grouping serves as a stepping stone for the participants to move up to another level, not only with regard to their artistic practice but also their presence in the art scene. 

One of the objectives for forming an art group is to drive the members to help each other in their collective effort to make themselves and their art known in the art scene​.