A-Residency by HOM Art Trans


14 Jul 2018 to 28 Jul 2018


11am - 6pm, Tue-Sat, Closed on Mon, Sun and Public Holidays


[email protected] or 03-9286 7004

Malaysian artists, Wong Ming Hao and Joy Ng, have completed a six-month residency programme entitled, A-Residency, at local art space, HOM Art Trans. 

Wong’s works are said to reflect the emotional elements in his surroundings. According to the gallery's press release, recent events have led him to the realisation that an individual’s exterior does not necessarily reflect their inner emotions.

Wong uses layers of acrylic paint that peel off to represent the "unveiling of an individual’s true motives".

Ng is said to portray people from different walks of life and their various emotional phases. 
Ng aims to create a connection with the audience and evoke certain memories and emotions.