Rafiee Ghani's "Adventure in Wonderland"


17 May 2017 to 30 Jun 2017


10am – 5pm


52 Jalan Doraisamy

The Row, 54-01-01

Kuala Lumpur 50300


(+60)19 301 2569

Rafiee Ghani has been consistent in his approach to art and has established a name for himself on both the local and international art scenes. In Rafiee’s artistic approach, travel is one of the most significant sources of inspiration. In this context, travelling is not merely a catalyst for painting but also encompasses the process of observing, sketching, recording and soul-searching. After his last exhibition with Vallette Gallery in 2013, Rafiee offers his most recent watercolours series, directly inspired from his last trip in Morocco in 2012. The works, of which each title refers to an element of Morocco, transport us to this country so much coveted by the artists of former and current days.

Artwork price are going from RM 13,000 to RM 17,000. All about 15 pieces work and the medium is watercolor.