Future Ministries


23 Apr 2017




Art Printing Works Sdn Bhd (APW), 29 Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur


03-2284 6228

As part of the ongoing, ESCAPE from the SEA multi-media art programme, key participants such as Ali Alasri, Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri, Mark Teh and Wong Tay Sy will be involved in The Complete Futures of Malaysia programme, conceived as a series of research and creative projects. 

The programme which includes in a panel discussion, is aimed at investigating changing perceptions of the future in Malaysia and beyond. 

The inaugural chapter includes three public events focusing on specific aspects of the future:

- ways of framing the future

- science-fiction scenarios of Kuala Lumpur

- a Wawasan 2020-paraphernalia donation drive  and proposals for Malaysia in the future.


Event 1: Framing the Futures

Saturday, Feb 25, 5.30pm

A panel discussion and presentation on different methods and frames of envisioning the future by Datuk Dr. Mazlan Othman (Akademi Sains Malaysia), Ibrahim Suffian (Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research) and Julian Ng (BFM 89.9).


Event 2: Speculative Scenarios: Sci-Fi KLs

Sunday, March 12, 3pm

A panel discussion and presentation surveying and mapping trends, imagination and locations in Malaysian science-fiction literature by writer/radio maker/cultural critic Umapagan Ampikaipakan and writer Ridhwan Saidi (LiteraCity).


Event 3: Future Ministries

Sunday, April 23, 1pm

A group 24 artists, activists, thinkers and citizens will take on current Malaysian ministerial portfolios and propose their visions, changes and ideas for the year 2063.


Presented by The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with the National Art Gallery and Art Printing Works Sdn Bhd,  the multi-part exhibition highlights issues of emigration related to identity, belonging and history through the politics of borders in this region and beyond.

Currently in its sophomore edition, the 2017 programme takes place in two parts: the first opened with four major collaborative exhibitions in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Bangkok. The second features 14 local exhibitions, each curated by 14 shortlisted curatorial participants from the programme.

The exhibition frames the sea as both physical and metaphorical, defining maritime and geopolitical boundaries as well as representing a fluid state of boundlessness. In this sense, the title invokes an escape from something equally political and poetic. If escape implies a line of flight from, a way of slipping past, an act of eluding a limit or a border, where do we escape to? Here, the borders between home and neighbour, self and other, historic and contemporary, factual and fictive, real and imagined are negotiated, and while escape is requisite, arrival is never resolute.

ESCAPE from the SEA includes works from artists who come from a range of contexts, practices and media including film/video, installation, performance, research-based projects. Several works respond directly to issues pertaining to the political border: between sovereign lands and of bodies of water; others choose to navigate a more private border, drawing from personal lives to question public affairs; and yet others explore possibilities of the dissolution of borders altogether, hacking and blurring the space between what we know and imagine – of history, of time, and of space.