Cages of rage


07 Oct 2017 to 18 Nov 2017


11am-6pm, Mon-Sat (closed on public holidays)


Numthong Gallery at Aree (Phahonyothin 7 Road, Soi. Aree 5 (North) or BTS Ari Station, Exit no. 3)

Entitled, When Time Always Carries Its Duty Faithfully, this solo exhibition by Thai artist Jiratchaya Pripwai feature works with bold black lines and weights that seemingly and metaphorically cut through white space.

According to the gallery's press release, the works are said to allow  viewers "unfurl their imagination alongside the artist" and offer "liberation" that result in an "emancipated mind".

It adds, "Resentments bring sorrow every time they come up; deeply planted memories gloom the mind. All these plights are constructed by us who create cages of rage to enclose ourselves. When time silently progresses, enduringly; the rage and pain have silted."

The works are also said to reflect dark episodes in the artist's life and can be viewed as a "didactic mechanism to guide mindfulness". 

Jiratchaya is described as confronting her own plight by stepping into feelings of discomfort, "planted deep in her heart and emancipates herself from enraged subconscious". 

Through these works the artist's mind is said to be "lightened and calmed by letting go and forgiving oneself and others". 

The show opens on Oct 7 at 6pm.