“Reconfiguring Portraiture” by Erizal As


15 Dec 2016 to 02 Jan 2017


11am-7pm, Mon-Fri; Noon-6pm, Sat, Sun and public holidays


Gajah Gallery, 
39 Keppel Road, #03-04, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, 
Singapore 089065



Indonesia artist Erizal As, 37, will be showcasing nine “highly-charged, distorted yet introspective view of the contemporary figure paintings” in his first solo exhibition entitled Reconfiguring Portraiture.

“As political subjects, we are not familiar with their true substance, their true face,” says Erizal speaking on the leaders of society today.

In his previous series, Erizal was intrigued by the role of the musical conductor in an orchestra, drawn to the inborn charisma and overt influence of the maestro’s presence. From this, he developed a fascination with the appearance of a ‘leader’ and revealed disparity between their proclaimed and demonstrated personas.

For Erizal, everything happens unexpectedly on the canvas and he has no expectation of the final result. Erizal never sketched before he paints, relying instead on a process involving improvisation, impulse and a sensitivity to heightened energetic states.

Trained at the Indonesian Institute of Fine Art, Erizal’s past exhibitions include Bakaba #5 (Sakato Art Community), If Time Stopped (Group Exhibition at Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta), Reborn Every Time (Sangkring Art Space), Indonesian Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing) and Bayang Islamic Visual Art Exhibition at the National Gallery in Jakarta.